Processing Plant

We are able to Process around 51 ton Raw Material every day applying technologically advanced freezing and processing equipment, such as plate freezers, blast freezer,tunnel freezers, flake ice plants and R.O. water Treatment.

Our facilities to strict hygiene policies. as we have standardized quality in our plant and processing unit. This enables us to maintain a high quality standard and at the same time preserve the well biing of our employees. Our facilities boast sophisticated water treatment plants which ensure that only the purest of ingredients are used to manufacture these products.

Our processing facilities in plant are well equipped. we follow strict quality measures under the supervision of highly experienced and extensively trained employees. we monitor the whole process to ensure its compliance with international standards.

Packing & Freezing

The Most substantial port of frozend sea foods is freezing it is a most significant critical stage because to crate intended product are sea food has to be freezed as soon as possible.

Total Number of Freezers and Capacity

Blast Freezer No. 1 : 14 MT/Day
Blast Freezer No. 2 : 14 MT/Day
Blast Freezer No. 3 : 14 MT/Day
Plat Freezer : 9 MT/Day
Total Per Day Capacity : 51 MT

Container Loading

Our team supervise the container while being loading container, Cleaning, Temperature maintains, Loading container